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Earth Day: A Zombie Apocalypse

  A look at the DVD extras for Earth Day: A Zombie Apocalypse

Outtakes… Should I say more? Okay, Mike Patterson is a comic genius.

Mr. Body – This is one of my favorite short films. It’s about helping out your best friend when he really needs you the most.
Slide Show – In this slide show you’ll see poster concept art, production, and behind the scenes images.
Audio Commentary with Director Michael Carlson, Writer Mike Patterson, and Art/Makeup Director Alethea Penleric – Sometimes short film commentaries aren’t that good when said director or writer is rushing through before the short is over, but that’s not the case here. There’s a good balance between Mike, Michael, and Alethea… In the commentary you’ll hear about the original script and how it got cut down for being too long. And the set backs from losing all the footage, meaning the whole film. That’s just some tidbits you’ll hear about.

A few thoughts, if you will. I enjoyed the short. The opening scenes where it cuts to different images while the eerie music is playing in the background gave me the feeling that I was watching the opening to Day of the Dead (1985).

Also the short has a good balance between comedy and horror… And it was totally meta at times, which was funny. 

For more info visit Two Matt’s Productions.

Episode 40: It’s WACKY!

episode40Back with an extremely fun-filled episode of Krueger Nation, today I’m discussing some slashers from the 1990’s. Dr. Giggles, Evil Ed, & Ice Cream Man are on deck so get ready for some cheese overload! Also, Look What You Did: Fan Ass-umptions, & some EXCLUSIVE music from the upcoming, hilarious web series, The Bad. https://www.facebook.com/TheBadTheSeries  ENJOY 🙂