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Episode 62: You Don’t Know What Death Is (A Halloween Retrospective – Part 1)

PhotoGrid_1429188414446I’m back, starting the much anticipated Halloween retrospective! Today’s show is a fun one, so I hope you all dig it! I’m talking Halloween 1 & 2! Also, Look What You Did: Podcast Trolls!!! Keep rocking my face off!!!! Enjoy 🙂


Episode 61: Songs In The Key Of Death

PhotoGrid_1427382534293In this ALL NEW episode of Krueger Nation, I’m talking about rock n roll horror flicks that will melt your face off!!! Shock ‘Em Dead, Trick Or Treat, & Black Roses. This episode is jam-packed with hard rock goodness & enough cheese to clog you up for days. ENJOY 🙂


Episode 42: Bitches- The Trippening Part III

Episode 42A very exciting Krueger Nation episode that includes reviews for The Initiation, Blood Sisters, & Killer Party, an interview with writer/director, Shawn Ewert (of the upcoming flick, Sacrament), & Look What You Did: Reboot, In Yo Ass!!

Check out Sacrament here:





ENJOY!!!! 🙂