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Episode 49: You Can’t Kill An Evil Clown, Without Breaking A Few Eggs

Stitches_2012_movie_posterFor this episode, Ian & James from the I Hate Your Face Podcast come in from the Arctic Tundra to join me for a review of the 2012 killer clown horror-comedy, Stitches. Also, Look What You Did: F-February!!

Check out their podcast over at http://ihateyourfacepodcast.blogspot.com/

And as always, watch The Bad until your eyes bleed at http://www.thebadseries.com




Episode 48: Eat A Bowl Of F**k (Night of the Demons Retrospective)

NOTDKNWARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE….(LIKE, THE MOST VULGAR TALK YET ON KRUEGER NATION) For this episode, I wanted to tackle the Night of the Demons flicks once again! I love them! Maybe a little TOO much….Nah, they’re the best! Listen to me jabber away about the 4 entries in this awesome series, & even throw in a little tribute to Kevin Tenney at the end. Also, Look What You Did: Phantasmagoria, The Phantom. Enjoy 🙂


Also, GO WATCH THE BAD, YOU MOFOS!!! http://www.thebadseries.com


Episode 47: Flippin’ Over Cars & F**kin’ With The Devil (An Interview With THE BAD)

the badBlood On The Highway, Slaughterlily, Narcissism & Me, and now…..THE BAD! For this extremely awesome episode of Krueger Nation, I was able to talk with The Bad creators, Chris Gardner & Blair Rowan. The Bad is a serialized comedic web-series following the futile pursuits of the world’s most unsuccessful garage band, a trio of painfully oblivious dudes in their early 30s, and the typical hurdles any rock band has to overcome while fighting their way through obscurity, such as their terrifying, knife-wielding, junkie drummer, and the neighborhood teenagers that won’t stop spray painting dicks on their house. CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE SERIES FOR FREE, HERE:  http://www.thebadseries.com


Episode 41: Robert Stack Presents-Easily Solved Mysteries

Episode 41After a very long week, this is a very bare bones episode of Krueger Nation. I’m reviewing A Night To Dismember & Blood Rage. Enjoy! 🙂


Episode 40: It’s WACKY!

episode40Back with an extremely fun-filled episode of Krueger Nation, today I’m discussing some slashers from the 1990’s. Dr. Giggles, Evil Ed, & Ice Cream Man are on deck so get ready for some cheese overload! Also, Look What You Did: Fan Ass-umptions, & some EXCLUSIVE music from the upcoming, hilarious web series, The Bad. https://www.facebook.com/TheBadTheSeries  ENJOY 🙂


Episode 39: Repetitive Prude Island

Episode 39Here’s another new Krueger Nation, talking about The Single Girls & Island of Blood! I also talk about how awesome the new web series, The Bad, is, & why everyone will love it long time. I hope you all enjoy the episode….Audacity was being a complete dickbag, so keep that in mind while listening 🙂