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Thoughts On Slasher

I remember when Chiller Tv was promoting their new series Slasher. I caught a couple episodes in its first run but didn’t stick with it until I bought the series on Blu and gave it a proper viewing…

The series over all is good and keeps you watching with the twist and turns and overall mystery when figuring out who the killer is. The series is contained in an eight episode run and a second season would water down and probably retcon the who first season. But I wouldn’t mind another Slasher or mystery type series from Chiller Tv.

This series is a buy, the only thing lacking are extras. You do have lots of Q&A stuff where cast and crew talk about their favorite horror movies and stuff they watched as kids.

Episode 56: The Ballad Of Ethel & Junior (A Friday The 13th Retrospective-Part 2)

PhotoGrid_1403566046562Johnny Krueg is FINALLY back, talking about the 4th & 5th installments in the Friday The 13th series! This episode is a fun one, for sure! Xander Kane stops by to review Neverlake, we show some love to Corey Feldman, & Look What You Did: 2 Tittays, Too Late. Enjoy!!! 🙂