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A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master – Special Features and Extras Part 1

  When The Massive One was asked to be a guest writer for Krueger Nation it didn’t take him long to say yes and here I am, The Massive One known as Doiner from DrunkenZombie.com is here to talk to you! All the Krueger Nation Fans around the world, if you will.


Now if you follow The Massive One you know DVD extras are a big part of his DVD buying. He’ll skip a new release or a classic if the special features isn’t there. But on that rare occasion he’s been known to give in.


Let’s look at The Massive One’s favorite horror film of all the times, A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.


The only extras from the 2000 release are Jump to a Nightmare and Theatrical Trailer. Sure having the films trailer is good but Jump to a Nightmare… Yeah, not really. If I want to find a scene I’ll double F F or go to the scene selection. Also on the same disc you have the DVD-ROM features, which I hate. I wanna see the interviews and trivia information while the DVD is in a DVD player not in a computer where at times trying to load the DVD-ROM feature it just freezes and you gotta restart, not Massive at all. With that said…

The VHS rerelease for Nightmare 4 now that’s a buy. You have the theatrical trailer and interviews with Director Renny Harlin, Screenwriters Jim Wheat and Ken Wheat, and SFX John Carl Buechler at the end of the film. Here’s what’s being said in the VHS interviews –


The interview starts with Renny Harlin talking about making the best Elm Street film and why he can pull it off. In the interview Harlin talks about his dreams and how he can relate to the Elm Street kids then he goes on to discuss his meeting with New Line and trying his best to get the directing role but Harlin got the impression that the studio heads didn’t like him. Ken and Jim Wheat both talk about writing the script and how time was of the essence because the studio had a release date they wanted the film to come out on, also they talk about the writers strike. Harlin is back once again talking about the junkyard scene and how he envisioned it. John Carl Buechler tells a story on making a giant Freddy glove and how they made the pizza meatball heads. To Be Continued…

Written By: Doiner