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Episode 50: Kruegy & Friends Extravaganza!!!

Episode 50This episode 50 extravaganza is jam-packed with all sorts of awesomeness!! Mike Cadaver reviews Oldboy (2013), Xander Kane reviews Morgana (2012), Lady Deathrattle reviews Voices From Beyond (1991), & the guys at Horrorcopia review American Mary (2013). Other surprises are scattered throughout the episode, & I review the fun-ass horror/comedy flicks Slaughter High & Cutting Class. Also, Look What You Did: 1313: No More Wrong Turns!!!


Make sure to check out the awesome comedy webseries, The Bad at http://www.thebadseries.com It’s the greatest, & it’s FREE!!!



Episode 38: “You Cannot Threaten The Dead With Death”

Vincent PriceUncertain that I’ll be able to do a proper Halloween episode, I decided that JUST IN CASE, I’d do some awesome Vincent Price flicks that fit all nice & snug into the slasher sub-genre. I review Madhouse, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, & Dr. Phibes Rises Again, & Xander Kane from Killer Reviews drops by to talk about the horror flick, Unrest. Also, Look What You Did: Too Many Fangs & Bolts! Enjoy 🙂


And if you just happen to keep listening past the outro….there may be a little nugget of some older Johnny Krueg music.


Episode 36: Listener’s Choice: Part Deux (Pieces/They Live)

Live PiecesAfter 3 weeks away from the mic, I’m feeling rusty…But, the listener’s demanded that I come back NOW, so I can review,  They Live (1988) & Pieces(1982). Since it’s hard to get back into the groove, my buddy Xander Kane from Killer Reviews stops by with his double feature spotlight of Stranded (2013) & Scenic Route (2013). Also, Look What You Did: AMC & Their Shitty Assignment. Enjoy! 🙂


Episode 34: “It Ain’t No F**king Biggie”

tcm4After 2 weeks away from the mic, I’m back to talk about some slashers! In this episode I cover TCM: The Next Generation, Wrong Turn 4, Xander Kane stops by to review Do Not Disturb, & Look What You Did: Kill The Hype Machine. Also, make sure to check out the Indie Gogo slasher project, The Night Before Easter here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-night-before-easter Enjoy 🙂