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Episode 62: You Don’t Know What Death Is (A Halloween Retrospective – Part 1)

PhotoGrid_1429188414446I’m back, starting the much anticipated Halloween retrospective! Today’s show is a fun one, so I hope you all dig it! I’m talking Halloween 1 & 2! Also, Look What You Did: Podcast Trolls!!! Keep rocking my face off!!!! Enjoy 🙂


Episode 15. Send My Love To Linda

On this episode of Krueger Nation, I’m reviewing the Linda Blair flicks Dead Sleep, Hell Night, Savage Island, Summer of Fear (aka Stranger in Our House), & Grotesque. I also take some voicemails answering last week’s question: What’s a bad horror movie that you love?/What’s a bad horror movie that you hate? Also, Look What You Did: From the Emerald Mine. Enjoy!