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Episode 52: “Come On Helmet Head, Get It Up!”

Episode 52 ArtAfter 2 weeks away, Krueger Nation is back for a helmet-y giallo show! Nevermind the odd feeling of this episode, it was a glitchy bitch-hog to put together, but it shouldn’t suck 🙂 Today I’m talking about Strip Nude For Your Killer & Nightmare Beach aka Welcome To Spring Break. Also, Lady Deathrattle stops by with a review of Fulci’s, A Woman In Lizard’s Skin, AND Look What You Did: Scatterbrain Edition. Enjoy!!!


Episode 37: Death, & The Fuzzy Tingle Times

fuzzytingletimeThis is definitely not the episode to listen to with your grandmother & children….It gets kind of messy! This week I’m back reviewing the sleezy Italian flicks, The New York Ripper & Torso. Also, Look What You Did: Now, I’m Spoiled!!!! Enjoy 🙂


Episode 17: Stalking 101- Hello Giallo!

This episode I’m talking about the Giallo flicks: Black Belly of the Tarantula, Who Saw Her Die?, Delirium: Photo of Gioia, & Fatal Frames. Also, the listeners call in to tell me their Top 3: Sci-Fi Horror Flicks. ENJOY 🙂