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Puppet Master II – Video Zone (VHS)

Full Moon Video Zone: In a short sit down interview with Charles Band, he discusses the feedback he has gotten from fans about past Video Zone featurettes and what upcoming films that are coming from Full Moon. Also director David Allen gives his thoughts on directing Puppet Master II.

Allen Productions Crew with Chris Endicott, Yancy Galzada and John Teska. Here you’ll see how the puppets work with different technics they have for making the puppets come to life. In the same interview with the Productions Crew, John Teska shows you the many versions of the Torch character and what they all do in the film. Steve Welles in an interview talks about acting while wearing a mask in the film. In another sit down interview but this time it’s with actor Collin Bernsen he gives you a run down of what happens in the film and talks about maybe a Puppet Master 3. 

Now to another interview with Charles Band here he does talk about maybe making a Puppet Master 3, 4 and 5. 

An on set interview Elizabeth Maclellan she gives her thoughts on working with puppets and how strange it is. Actors Jeff Weston, Nita Talbot, Gregory Webb and Charlie Spradling talk about their death scenes in the film and how they died from the hands of he puppets. 

Behind the scenes: There are 2 mini making of’s one has to do with a fire stunt with Torch setting a stunt women on fire. The other is how they got actors to play the manikins in the ending scenes of the film. Full Moon Spotlight with director Stuart Gordon. Gordon talks about his upcoming film The Pit & the Pendulum. After that you have Trailers for other Full Moon films. 

Last up is Collectors Items: Here you’ll find out about the Full Moon fan club and how you can join or buy Full Moon T-shirts, posters and or comic books.