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Episode 50: Kruegy & Friends Extravaganza!!!

Episode 50This episode 50 extravaganza is jam-packed with all sorts of awesomeness!! Mike Cadaver reviews Oldboy (2013), Xander Kane reviews Morgana (2012), Lady Deathrattle reviews Voices From Beyond (1991), & the guys at Horrorcopia review American Mary (2013). Other surprises are scattered throughout the episode, & I review the fun-ass horror/comedy flicks Slaughter High & Cutting Class. Also, Look What You Did: 1313: No More Wrong Turns!!!


Make sure to check out the awesome comedy webseries, The Bad at http://www.thebadseries.com It’s the greatest, & it’s FREE!!!



Episode 47: Flippin’ Over Cars & F**kin’ With The Devil (An Interview With THE BAD)

the badBlood On The Highway, Slaughterlily, Narcissism & Me, and now…..THE BAD! For this extremely awesome episode of Krueger Nation, I was able to talk with The Bad creators, Chris Gardner & Blair Rowan. The Bad is a serialized comedic web-series following the futile pursuits of the world’s most unsuccessful garage band, a trio of painfully oblivious dudes in their early 30s, and the typical hurdles any rock band has to overcome while fighting their way through obscurity, such as their terrifying, knife-wielding, junkie drummer, and the neighborhood teenagers that won’t stop spray painting dicks on their house. CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE SERIES FOR FREE, HERE:  http://www.thebadseries.com


Episode 37: Death, & The Fuzzy Tingle Times

fuzzytingletimeThis is definitely not the episode to listen to with your grandmother & children….It gets kind of messy! This week I’m back reviewing the sleezy Italian flicks, The New York Ripper & Torso. Also, Look What You Did: Now, I’m Spoiled!!!! Enjoy 🙂


Episode 25: “Some Tortures Are Physical, And Some Are Mental, But The One That Is Both Is Dental *Ogden Nash”

dentist1I’m back, & this week I’ll be talking about the Dentist 1 & 2. Also, my friend Xander Kane stops by with a review of El Monstro Del Mar, I eat my words about the Maniac remake, & Look What You Did: Leave The Old Directors Alone!! Enjoy 🙂




Episode 24: Seeking Models, Dead Or Alive….But, Mostly Dead!

centerfold-girlsAfter 5 months of being away from the podcast, I’m back to talk about The Centerfold Girls (1974) & Nothing Underneath (1985). I also review the indie short, No Clowning Around,  Look What You Did: Texas Chainsaw Assacre….in 3D, & Johnny Krueg shows voodoo flicks some love. You also have until May 15th to donate to the Kickstarter campaign for the new comedy web series, The Bad (from the creators of Blood on the Highway & Narcissism & Me). It’s completely awesome & hilarious, so check it out! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/127160787/the-bad-a-comedy-series-from-the-fires-of-hell-sub?ref=live Enjoy The Show 🙂