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Episode 52: “Come On Helmet Head, Get It Up!”

Episode 52 ArtAfter 2 weeks away, Krueger Nation is back for a helmet-y giallo show! Nevermind the odd feeling of this episode, it was a glitchy bitch-hog to put together, but it shouldn’t suck 🙂 Today I’m talking about Strip Nude For Your Killer & Nightmare Beach aka Welcome To Spring Break. Also, Lady Deathrattle stops by with a review of Fulci’s, A Woman In Lizard’s Skin, AND Look What You Did: Scatterbrain Edition. Enjoy!!!


Episode 48: Eat A Bowl Of F**k (Night of the Demons Retrospective)

NOTDKNWARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE….(LIKE, THE MOST VULGAR TALK YET ON KRUEGER NATION) For this episode, I wanted to tackle the Night of the Demons flicks once again! I love them! Maybe a little TOO much….Nah, they’re the best! Listen to me jabber away about the 4 entries in this awesome series, & even throw in a little tribute to Kevin Tenney at the end. Also, Look What You Did: Phantasmagoria, The Phantom. Enjoy 🙂


Also, GO WATCH THE BAD, YOU MOFOS!!! http://www.thebadseries.com


Episode 47: Flippin’ Over Cars & F**kin’ With The Devil (An Interview With THE BAD)

the badBlood On The Highway, Slaughterlily, Narcissism & Me, and now…..THE BAD! For this extremely awesome episode of Krueger Nation, I was able to talk with The Bad creators, Chris Gardner & Blair Rowan. The Bad is a serialized comedic web-series following the futile pursuits of the world’s most unsuccessful garage band, a trio of painfully oblivious dudes in their early 30s, and the typical hurdles any rock band has to overcome while fighting their way through obscurity, such as their terrifying, knife-wielding, junkie drummer, and the neighborhood teenagers that won’t stop spray painting dicks on their house. CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE SERIES FOR FREE, HERE:  http://www.thebadseries.com


Episode 39: Repetitive Prude Island

Episode 39Here’s another new Krueger Nation, talking about The Single Girls & Island of Blood! I also talk about how awesome the new web series, The Bad, is, & why everyone will love it long time. I hope you all enjoy the episode….Audacity was being a complete dickbag, so keep that in mind while listening 🙂


Episode 38: “You Cannot Threaten The Dead With Death”

Vincent PriceUncertain that I’ll be able to do a proper Halloween episode, I decided that JUST IN CASE, I’d do some awesome Vincent Price flicks that fit all nice & snug into the slasher sub-genre. I review Madhouse, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, & Dr. Phibes Rises Again, & Xander Kane from Killer Reviews drops by to talk about the horror flick, Unrest. Also, Look What You Did: Too Many Fangs & Bolts! Enjoy 🙂


And if you just happen to keep listening past the outro….there may be a little nugget of some older Johnny Krueg music.


Episode 37: Death, & The Fuzzy Tingle Times

fuzzytingletimeThis is definitely not the episode to listen to with your grandmother & children….It gets kind of messy! This week I’m back reviewing the sleezy Italian flicks, The New York Ripper & Torso. Also, Look What You Did: Now, I’m Spoiled!!!! Enjoy 🙂


Episode 24: Seeking Models, Dead Or Alive….But, Mostly Dead!

centerfold-girlsAfter 5 months of being away from the podcast, I’m back to talk about The Centerfold Girls (1974) & Nothing Underneath (1985). I also review the indie short, No Clowning Around,  Look What You Did: Texas Chainsaw Assacre….in 3D, & Johnny Krueg shows voodoo flicks some love. You also have until May 15th to donate to the Kickstarter campaign for the new comedy web series, The Bad (from the creators of Blood on the Highway & Narcissism & Me). It’s completely awesome & hilarious, so check it out! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/127160787/the-bad-a-comedy-series-from-the-fires-of-hell-sub?ref=live Enjoy The Show 🙂