What I Missed In 2015

A lot of horror from 2015 I just totally skipped because I was burned out on it. Cut to a year later, I’m all caught up. I started with The Babadook and heard so much praise but it fell flat for me. I wanted to see more of this entity with a top hat not a screaming child and a clueless mother.

Next was The VVitch (The Witch) it had me guessing all through the movie thinking if this girl is going insane or is the Devil was pulling the strings.

Lastly… It Follows I passed on thinking it’s another teen horror movie but was I wrong. It was so good, I watched it twice back to back. The one thing I found lacking when it came to the extras was input by the director, David Robert Mitchell. There’s an audio commentary but it’s from film critics. Which is nice to hear a bunch of people’s opinions but the director or writers input means a lot more to me… Meta. So… two out of three isn’t bad.

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