Where Is Alice Johnson? Part 2

Attachment 1By: Derrick “Doiner” Reed

Welcome back, I hope everyone enjoyed part one of Where is Alice Johnson? Now let’s go back in time before Alice joined the Nightmare Warriors she made an appearance in 1991 in the short story Dead Highway, Lost Roads. That story is part of Nightmares on Elm Street: Freddy Krueger’s Seven Sweetest Dreams.

The story takes place seven years after part five (The Dream Child), Alice is married to a guy named Steven, but there is not much on him. He is a businessman of some kind that makes a good amount of money. Alice’s father is alive, but in and out of rehab for drinking and let’s not forget her son Jacob he is present in the story, but only in the dream world.

The story revolves around serial killer Karl Stolenberg who’s on death row and while being transferred to another jail where the electric chair waits him, a detour takes him off the beaten path where he meets the one person who can set him free.

The overall story is about a B+ at best. Alice and Jacob have small roles in the story, but nothing like she was in Nightmare Warriors. As for Jacob, he’s still a kid so there’s not really any character development… If you want to know what’s Freddy is up to in this story, go buy the book, I’m not spoiling nothing.

Dead Highway, Lost Roads is written by Philip Nutman.

Also, if you are looking to purchase this book start with Amazon they usually have it for dirt cheep, but it’s worth a read.

To Be Continued…

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