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Episode 60: Champagne & Corndogs

slumberI’m back with another morality tale episode…..Not really, though! Today I’m reviewing the Slumber Party Massacre trilogy, & having fun being a dork!!! Also, Look What You Did: Hollywood….Where creativity goes to die.



Episode 59: A Tale Of Two Sacks

sundownpicAfter an insane amount of technical difficulties, Krueger Nation is back talking about The Town That Dreaded Sundown 1976 & 2014. The first audio file went tits-up, so hopefully this re-recording will put a tingle in your dingle. If not, there’s always next time! Thanks for listening, & don’t forget to join the Krueger Nation Horror Podcast Facebook group for exclusive contests & other awesomeness. I’m johnnykrueg on Twitter & Facebook, & if you have any feedback or suggestions. Thanks for being a part of this show 🙂