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Where Is Alice Johnson? Part 1




By: Derrick “Doiner” Reed

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Massive One is back! And it’s time once again to talk about The Dream Master, well mostly the character of Alice Johnson and her events after The Dream Child.

The most notable appearance for Alice came in 2009 with the comic Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: The Nightmare Warriors… I liked the concept, having characters that faced Freddy or Jason in the past to team up as a group and take down the forces of evil.

My biggest concern was how are they going to use the Alice character and how the writers were going to integrate her into the story.

The way she was introduced was great, it gave me that feeling of watching The Dream Master once I saw her and her son in a movie theater. It was a great throwback too.

The setup for Jacob (Alice’s son) to stay behind with Stephanie and have her try to seduce him… After reading the dialog I was taken out of the story by certain lines she said because I see Jacob as a strong character, like a John Connor and he wouldn’t fall for that nonsense because he would be aware of what was going on even though it was a dream. Having Alice give her dream powers to her son and the way she died was a good ending to her character.

With Jacob now having the dream powers and bringing back the dream warriors thanks to Kristen and then Alice it was cool to see an X-Men style team up with everyone taking on Freddy and the deadites. Once Jacob got sliced by Freddy I didn’t want him to die and finding out he didn’t it was Awesome, because you never know there might be a part four in this series and I would like to see him come back.

Overall, it’s a worth your time to sit down and read this comic not just for Alice, but the many surprises throughout the book.

To Be Continued…

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