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Episode 43: Warning! Glass Unicorns WILL Ruin Your Christmas

xmasThis episode is SO jam-packed with holiday cheer, that you’ll hope Billy sneaks into your attic & suffocates you with a dirty Sears bag! Although I usually avoid synching shows up with holidays, I REALLY wanted to talk about Black Christmas (1974) & Black Christmas (2006)! Also, Look What You Did: Get the f**k out of here with your porn demons! Enjoy 🙂


A Krueger Nation BONUS: Best Times (The Theme From Killer Party)

killer-party-1986-_139149-fli_1372953352This is the theme song that runs through most of Killer Party titled, The Best Times. I’ve heard it’s pretty difficult to find, so I wanted to share it’s greatness with the world 🙂


Episode 42: Bitches- The Trippening Part III

Episode 42A very exciting Krueger Nation episode that includes reviews for The Initiation, Blood Sisters, & Killer Party, an interview with writer/director, Shawn Ewert (of the upcoming flick, Sacrament), & Look What You Did: Reboot, In Yo Ass!!

Check out Sacrament here:


ENJOY!!!! 🙂