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Episode 23: Lights, Camera, MUUURDER!!

the backlot murdersFor this episode of Krueger Nation, I’ll be discussing the slasher films Terror Night aka Bloody Movie & The Backlot Murders. We have a special segment from Lady Deathrattle called, Fun With Lady Friends. ALSO, Look What You Did: 1313-What The Fuck Did I Just Watch!?, Johnny Krueg Likes Crazy Monologues, & my Top 3 Unconventional Christmas Horror Flicks. ENJOY 🙂


Episode 22: …So Bad, I’d KILL For It!

This week, I run down the Asian slasher films Dream Home (2010) & Bloody Reunion (2006) aka To Sir With Love. Also, Look What You Did: Bad Comparisons-Cut The Shit Edition! Enjoy 🙂


Episode 21: Sleepovers, Lakehouses, & Cold Pops, Oh My!

On this very special episode of Krueger Nation, I’m reviewing some slasher films that are notorious for being the worst of the worst. The Last Slumber Party, Edge Of The Axe, & Terror At Tenkiller. Did I lose a bet? Nope. Just wanted to give them a fair chance. Will I agree with the majority, or will I shine some light on these films & give them their due? Tune in to find out! Also, my good friend Xander Kane is back reviewing Needle from 2010, & Look What You Did: Silent Night, Shitty Release Night. Enjoy 🙂