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Episode 20: “Oh, God! I Look 20 Years Old!” A Nightmare On Elm Street Retrospective-Part 1

This is a massive episode for Krueger Nation! Today I review the first 4 films in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Also, a sleazy new segment from my good friend Mike Cadaver featuring Zombie Lake, Look What You Did: What’s Missing New Line?!, & a bonus review for the Thanksgiving slasher Home Sweet Home (1981). Enjoy 🙂


Episode 19: The Devil’s In The Details….Oh, And Also That Lake

This episode, I’m talking about the satanic slasher flicks, Satan’s Blade & The Redeemer: Son of Satan. Also, Look What You Did: Evil Dead remake…Why You Look So Good!? This episode is a tad bit shorter than most people are probably expecting, but remember: It’s not the size that counts, it’s the sores you’re left with….(Not sure where I was going with that). Anyway, enjoy 🙂


Episode 18: Rock Your Face Off! Like, Seriously….Right the F**k Off!

I’m baaaaaaaaack, & ready to rock your face off with an all new episode of Krueger Nation!!! This episode, I talk about 2 Rock & Roll slasher classics, Blood Tracks & Rocktober Blood, & my good friend Xander Kane reviews Excision (2012). Also, Look What You Did: Best Buy! Enjoy 🙂