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Episode 16. Deez Hoez Crazy: Bitches Be Trippin’- Part II

This episode, I slash it up with reviews of Double Exposure, Curtains, Mortuary, Open House, & Girl’s Nite Out. Some listeners tell me what movie, book, & album they’d take into a windowless room for a whole year, & Look What You Did: Echo Bridge: Ya Cheap Bastards! I fought with Audacity all day long on this one, so hopefully the end result will show that I won the battle…Enjoy 🙂


Episode 15. Send My Love To Linda

On this episode of Krueger Nation, I’m reviewing the Linda Blair flicks Dead Sleep, Hell Night, Savage Island, Summer of Fear (aka Stranger in Our House), & Grotesque. I also take some voicemails answering last week’s question: What’s a bad horror movie that you love?/What’s a bad horror movie that you hate? Also, Look What You Did: From the Emerald Mine. Enjoy!


Episode 14. This Gas Tastes Like S**t!!

It’s been a little over a month since the last episode, so I decided to review some random slasher flicks with accidental common themes. This episode I review Reeker, Hatchetman, the Demon, Evilbreed: the Legend of Samhain, Monster Man, & Final Stab. Most of these films are poo….just a warning. I also have some feed back from the listeners about which films they’d like to see a remake, prequel, or sequel to, & Look What You Did: Mr Carrell, you douche! I forgot to mention my answer to the question of the episode, but I’d love to see a rock n’ roll horror flick like Trick or Treat, Hard Rock Zombies, Black Roses, or Shock Em Dead get a remake. Or a sequel to the Prowler! Enjoy!!