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Episode 13. If It Weren’t For Visitors, All Houses Would Be Graves…Oh, Wait!

Krueger Nation’s back with a HUGE episode! This time I review the films Unhinged, American Gothic, Malevolence, Bereavement, Blood Diner, Spider Baby, or the Maddest Story Ever Told, The Toolbox Murders (1978), & Toolbox Murders (2004). Also, I go through everyone’s Top 3 Horror Soundtracks, & Adam Sandler sets out to destroy an 80’s classic! Enjoy 🙂


Episode 12. We’re Going to Camp Stab-A-Ho!!

That’s right! So make sure to pack your striped knee-socks, a swimsuit, & PLENTY of gauze. This episode I talk about the camp slasher-flicks Body Count, Twisted Nightmare, The Final Terror, The Burning, Backwoods, & Memorial Valley Massacre. Also, Top 3: Horror Cougars & Silver Foxes, & Look What You Did: Leprechaun Reboot. Please excuse any audio issues…Audacity was being a whore-bag! I’m working on fixing them. ENJOY 🙂