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Episode 11. Love Is In The Air

Do you feel the love? Well this episode, Krueger Nation brought you a bloodsoaked carnation & packed it with horror-goodness, including Top 3 Quotes from Horror Films, & reviews of the slasher flicks 10 to Midnight, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Blood & Lace, Bloody Moon, Dreamanic, Fade to Black, Graduation Day, He Knows You’re Alone, (the non-slasher) Roman, & even a BONUS REVIEW of Drive-Thru. Forgive me if  I lose steam halfway through….I’m only one man 🙂 ENJOY!


Krueger Nation Update: 03-18-12

Earlier this week I became pretty sick, so the new episode will have to be pushed back until next weekend. I’m on tons of drugs, so I should be 100% soon. This extra week off just means that the new episode is going to be even bigger when it’s dropped! In the meantime, check out some of the awesome podcasts put out by the friends of Krueger Nation on the sidebar. Corpse Cast, Creepy Kitch, Motion Picture Massacre, Scream Queenz, etc….They ALL rock!!! Also, if you’re enjoying Krueger Nation Horror Podcast, make sure to leave me an iTunes review.

Johnny Krueg

A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master – Special Features and Extras Part 2

Welcome back! Last we left off we were talking about the VHS rerelease for A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. Now you are returned to your regular scheduled programming.

Remember when the remake for Friday The 13th was being hyped far and wide, what good came from that? Well if you said the Deluxe Editions and His Name Was Jason you Sir and or Madam know your horror history. So, I told you that to tell you this. Remember when the remake for A Nightmare On Elm Street was being hyped far and… Yeah, a lot of people thought Deluxe Editions was going to be released and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Nightmare 4 I could see it now… Commentary with Lisa Wilcox, Deleted Scenes and Interviews by Cast and Crew but as history or New Line told us there wasn’t even a thought of Deluxe Editions. Only thing we got was a rehash box set with new art work. That is what I call a Massive Fail and bad marketing, and The Massive One knows marketing. Don’t believe me, head on over to Drunken Zombie dot com and find out.


Now then… A Nightmare On Elm Street (Remake) hit theaters, sure it had mix reviews. I even own it on DVD and it’s a skip with the special features. With that said, horror fans got something only nightmares are made of and we shall call it, Never Sleep Again – The Elm Street Legacy in other words, mind blown. So! The Elm Street Legacy had the who’s who with everybody you need to know when it came to Nightmare 4 if you seen the documentary you know what I’m talking about and if you haven’t… Why are you on this site? I know why, to listen to this new podcast that you just found, called Krueger Nation, I hope you enjoy. Meanwhile! The Massive One was in awe when the Nightmare 4 segment came on. Lisa Wilcox, Renny Harlin, Tuesday Knight, Andras Jones and even Nicholas Mele talking about their experiences on and off set… Tuesday, Oh Tuesday!  But I digress, watch it if you have it and buy it if you don’t.


Question, has anyone heard of Behind The Scenes Of A Nightmare On Elm Street 4? No… Okay, a couple of you have. Cool. It’s a three disc set by Bill Forsche (Special makeup effects artist for A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master) and it’s his personal home video footage from Nightmare 4. The footage ranges from seeing props being made, Robert Englund in the makeup chair getting the Freddy prosthetics glued to his face and a lot of onset footage of scenes being shot, set up or rehearsed. As for interviews with the stars there isn’t any and that was one thing I was looking forward too, hearing the cast talk about the film from 1988.


Have mercy, if you will that is a lot. Sure I can go on and on about other DVD collections that have Nightmare 4 extas such as A Nightmare On Elm Street Collection Blu-Ray Region Free box set or the Freddy Vs. Ash Vs. Jason comics but that’s a story for another time.

I hope everyone enjoyed what I had to say about all the DVDs, special features and extras. And once again a Massive thank you to Johnny for giving me this opportunity and being a part of Krueger Nation.

For more on Doiner follow him on and visit for news, reviews, and interviews. Remember at Drunken Zombie, Zombies drink for free. Massive!

Written by: Doiner

A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master – Special Features and Extras Part 1

  When The Massive One was asked to be a guest writer for Krueger Nation it didn’t take him long to say yes and here I am, The Massive One known as Doiner from is here to talk to you! All the Krueger Nation Fans around the world, if you will.


Now if you follow The Massive One you know DVD extras are a big part of his DVD buying. He’ll skip a new release or a classic if the special features isn’t there. But on that rare occasion he’s been known to give in.


Let’s look at The Massive One’s favorite horror film of all the times, A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.


The only extras from the 2000 release are Jump to a Nightmare and Theatrical Trailer. Sure having the films trailer is good but Jump to a Nightmare… Yeah, not really. If I want to find a scene I’ll double F F or go to the scene selection. Also on the same disc you have the DVD-ROM features, which I hate. I wanna see the interviews and trivia information while the DVD is in a DVD player not in a computer where at times trying to load the DVD-ROM feature it just freezes and you gotta restart, not Massive at all. With that said…

The VHS rerelease for Nightmare 4 now that’s a buy. You have the theatrical trailer and interviews with Director Renny Harlin, Screenwriters Jim Wheat and Ken Wheat, and SFX John Carl Buechler at the end of the film. Here’s what’s being said in the VHS interviews –


The interview starts with Renny Harlin talking about making the best Elm Street film and why he can pull it off. In the interview Harlin talks about his dreams and how he can relate to the Elm Street kids then he goes on to discuss his meeting with New Line and trying his best to get the directing role but Harlin got the impression that the studio heads didn’t like him. Ken and Jim Wheat both talk about writing the script and how time was of the essence because the studio had a release date they wanted the film to come out on, also they talk about the writers strike. Harlin is back once again talking about the junkyard scene and how he envisioned it. John Carl Buechler tells a story on making a giant Freddy glove and how they made the pizza meatball heads. To Be Continued…

Written By: Doiner

Episode 10. Everyone Loves A Clown

This episode I talk about the clown slasher flicks Clownhouse, 100 Tears, Blood Harvest, The Clown At Midnight, & Out of the Dark. I also throw in a review for Death Stop Holocaust, since the 6th clown movie never showed up. Top 3: Horror Comedies & Look What You Did: Horror News I Wouldn’t Bid On. Feedback is always welcome! Enjoy!!


Episode 9. The Show WILL Go On!!

An all NEW Krueger Nation featuring reviews for the slasher flicks The Last Horror Film, Anguish, Stagefright, Theatre of Blood, & Popcorn. Also, the Top 3: Creepiest Moments in Horror Films & Look What You Did: Grindhouse Releasing…I MISS YOU!!! A caption contest starts today as well. As always, leave feedback on the FB page, on Twitter, here, or send it to ENJOY! 🙂


Episode 8. This Trip SUCKS!!

Krueger Nation is back!!!! Slasher movies reviewed this episode are the Mutilator, Shrooms, The Prey, Madman, & Just Before Dawn. Also, Top 3 Vampire Flicks & Look What You Did: Wayans Edition. There’s also a tribute to someone thrown in there somewhere 😉


Episode 7. Bitches Be Trippin’!!!

An all new Krueger Nation is LIVE!!! This is a much longer episode than Krueger Nation is known for, but it’s jam-packed! The first half of the show, is the December Cheerleader Horror episode that never happened, & the second half is the Krueger Nation reboot. Reboot, you ask? Yes indeed! I’ve decided to focus mainly on slasher films with the show, but occasionally cover other horror & exploitation films. The second half is dedicated to Sorority Girl Slashers…& a few other random ones. Movies covered this episode include Cheerleader Camp, Satan’s Cheerleaders, Pandemonium, The Dorm that Dripped Blood, Sorority House Massacre 1&2, the House on Sorority Row, the Sleeper, Chain Letter, Dead Tone, & Killer Movie. Also-Top 3: Horror Remakes since 2000, & Look What You Did-Weinstein Edition. Enjoy!! 🙂


Episode 6. Get Out Of My Head!! Listener’s Choice #1

Johnny Krueg is back with some movies picked by YOU! In this episode I review Eyes of a Stranger, Hatchet, It’s My Party & I’ll Die If I Want To, & Event Horizon. I also talk about the Munsters horrifying return to NBC, Top 3: Horror Movie Endings, & even a BONUS movie review at the end! Enjoy!!!


Episode 5. He’s Once, Twice, Three Times A Breadman

This episode, I’ve decided to cover the most epic trilogy of films ever released…by Full Moon Entertainment! I also talk about some recent theatrically released horror, some early 2000’s slasher flicks, & a bunch of Top 3 Cheeseball Horror Flicks! Enjoy!!!