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What I Missed In 2015

A lot of horror from 2015 I just totally skipped because I was burned out on it. Cut to a year later, I’m all caught up. I started with The Babadook and heard so much praise but it fell flat for me. I wanted to see more of this entity with a top hat not a screaming child and a clueless mother.

Next was The VVitch (The Witch) it had me guessing all through the movie thinking if this girl is going insane or is the Devil was pulling the strings.

Lastly… It Follows I passed on thinking it’s another teen horror movie but was I wrong. It was so good, I watched it twice back to back. The one thing I found lacking when it came to the extras was input by the director, David Robert Mitchell. There’s an audio commentary but it’s from film critics. Which is nice to hear a bunch of people’s opinions but the director or writers input means a lot more to me… Meta. So… two out of three isn’t bad.

Roseanne: Tricks & Treats

In the wake of Fright Rags releasing their A Conner Halloween T-shirt I went back and watched Roseanne: Tricks & Treats and wow those Halloween themed episodes hold up. I remember watching them in their first run and being excited watching episode BOO and seeing Roseanne and family trying to scare one another and the trick or treaters. The gags in that episode were great. Dan as a mad scientist with an ax through his forehead and the voice “Welcome to the Tunnel of Terror” when DJ answers the door gets me laughing every time.

And if you don’t know what Roseanne: Tricks & Treats is allow me to explain, if you will… This DVD is a collection housing eight Halloween themed episodes from the Tv series Roseanne. (Check out the episode listing at the bottom)

As for any DVD extras, you do have a picture in picture commentary track with Roseanne. Shedding light on Trick Me Up! Trick Me Down.

This DVD is perfect to have for Halloween, you’ll get laughs and scares all at the same time. It’s a must buy…

Episode Include…

Trick or Treat 
Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down 
Halloween IV 
Halloween V
Skeleton in the closet 
Halloween: The Final Chapter 
Satan, Darling

Thoughts On Slasher

I remember when Chiller Tv was promoting their new series Slasher. I caught a couple episodes in its first run but didn’t stick with it until I bought the series on Blu and gave it a proper viewing…

The series over all is good and keeps you watching with the twist and turns and overall mystery when figuring out who the killer is. The series is contained in an eight episode run and a second season would water down and probably retcon the who first season. But I wouldn’t mind another Slasher or mystery type series from Chiller Tv.

This series is a buy, the only thing lacking are extras. You do have lots of Q&A stuff where cast and crew talk about their favorite horror movies and stuff they watched as kids.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (VHS Extras)

Interview with director Stephen Hopkins. Just like in Wes Craven’s interview from the first Nightmare VHS, Hopkins talks about his journey and how he got the directing role.

He started off in England making storyboards, T.v. commercials and music videos then made his way down to the states and met with Paramount Pictures on a project but that fell through so he went to New Line and they wanted to know if he would make Nightmare 5.

He also talks about the humor in Nightmares 4 and 5 and how he wanted to make part 5 more serious. The last part of the interview Hopkins talks about horror and the Elm Street films in general, meaning… If they would make a Elm Street film today (1999) it would have to be updated for the viewers.

A few other thing he touches on are working with Robert Englund and getting his input.

Hopkins tells a story of when him and his girlfriend went to see A Nightmare on Elm Street and the reaction he saw from the audience.

The House That Freddy Built: The Mask (1994)

We all heard the quote by Robert Shaye, that “New Line is the house that Freddy built”. With the success of the Elm Street franchise it made New Line a main player in producing and releasing films world wide and it didn’t hurt that they had a reputation for having effects in their films.

With the help from producer Mike De Luca and Chuck Russell they thought The Mask comic series would make a great movie and New Line would be the place for it, Bob Shaye agreed with that because he trusted Chuck Russell because of his work and financial success on directing and co-writing A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors and he had background on working with effects, that’s nothing new to him.

But the source material came with a challenge, sure The Mask was violent with cheap jokes mixed in but Russell thought a straight comedy would work better for the movie and that’s what we got with The Mask and to substitute the gore from the comics they added the Tex Avery cartoon style for the over the top violence…

There you have it, not only did Freddy build New Line but it brought The Mask to the big screen. I recently re-watched The Mask and it holds up nicely. If you want to see more about how Chuck Russell and his Elm Street connection help bring The Mask to the big screen, pick it on Blu-Ray and watch the extra Return to Edge City. Massive.

A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge (VHS Extras)

Interview with director Jack Sholder, it starts with Sholder talking about the different titles they wanted to call A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 and what it was like seeing Robert Englund play Freddy Krueger than having a double playing Freddy, there’s a good story Sholder talks about where an extra dressed as Freddy came running at him acting like a fool. The last part of the interview Sholder tells a story about the tongue gag being so funny he had to direct the tongue scene from outside because he couldn’t stop laughing.

A Nightmare On Elm Street (VHS Extras)

At the end of the film you have the theatrical trailer and sit down interview with director Wes Craven.

In the interview Craven talks about his journey from being a writer to meeting Sean Cunningham, directing The Last House on the Left, the ideas behind A Nightmare on Elm Street and talking with Bob Shaye about getting ANOES made.

The interview only last a few minutes but if your looking for the ultimate in special features for the first film pick up the Infinifilm DVD

The X-Files (VHS Extras)

Directed by Rob Bowman. Written by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz. Starring Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Terry O’Quinn, Mitch Pileggi and Martin Landau. This film is also known as The X-Files: Fight the Future.

Before the film there’s a featurette called “Inside The X-Files Movie” with writer Chris Carter and actress Gillian Anderson. Both Carter and Anderson are giving individual sit down interviews about the film. In the interview with Chris Carter, he talks about taking a scene out of the film but putting it back in at last minute to help explain the disappearance of Mulder’s sister. He also talks about season six of The X-Files and how the movie will connect to the series and makes a brief comment on how all five seasons is a build up to the film.

The interview with Gillian Anderson, she goes on about working in front of green screen and her experience with wire stunts. Also she talks about the “hall scene” between her and David Duchovny and tells a story about running through a corn field and having corn hitting her in the face while she was running.

Overall: The featurette only lasted a few minutes but it was good to see what their thoughts were back when they were making the film. Massive.

Puppet Master II – Video Zone (VHS)

Full Moon Video Zone: In a short sit down interview with Charles Band, he discusses the feedback he has gotten from fans about past Video Zone featurettes and what upcoming films that are coming from Full Moon. Also director David Allen gives his thoughts on directing Puppet Master II.

Allen Productions Crew with Chris Endicott, Yancy Galzada and John Teska. Here you’ll see how the puppets work with different technics they have for making the puppets come to life. In the same interview with the Productions Crew, John Teska shows you the many versions of the Torch character and what they all do in the film. Steve Welles in an interview talks about acting while wearing a mask in the film. In another sit down interview but this time it’s with actor Collin Bernsen he gives you a run down of what happens in the film and talks about maybe a Puppet Master 3. 

Now to another interview with Charles Band here he does talk about maybe making a Puppet Master 3, 4 and 5. 

An on set interview Elizabeth Maclellan she gives her thoughts on working with puppets and how strange it is. Actors Jeff Weston, Nita Talbot, Gregory Webb and Charlie Spradling talk about their death scenes in the film and how they died from the hands of he puppets. 

Behind the scenes: There are 2 mini making of’s one has to do with a fire stunt with Torch setting a stunt women on fire. The other is how they got actors to play the manikins in the ending scenes of the film. Full Moon Spotlight with director Stuart Gordon. Gordon talks about his upcoming film The Pit & the Pendulum. After that you have Trailers for other Full Moon films. 

Last up is Collectors Items: Here you’ll find out about the Full Moon fan club and how you can join or buy Full Moon T-shirts, posters and or comic books.

Earth Day: A Zombie Apocalypse

  A look at the DVD extras for Earth Day: A Zombie Apocalypse

Outtakes… Should I say more? Okay, Mike Patterson is a comic genius.

Mr. Body – This is one of my favorite short films. It’s about helping out your best friend when he really needs you the most.
Slide Show – In this slide show you’ll see poster concept art, production, and behind the scenes images.
Audio Commentary with Director Michael Carlson, Writer Mike Patterson, and Art/Makeup Director Alethea Penleric – Sometimes short film commentaries aren’t that good when said director or writer is rushing through before the short is over, but that’s not the case here. There’s a good balance between Mike, Michael, and Alethea… In the commentary you’ll hear about the original script and how it got cut down for being too long. And the set backs from losing all the footage, meaning the whole film. That’s just some tidbits you’ll hear about.

A few thoughts, if you will. I enjoyed the short. The opening scenes where it cuts to different images while the eerie music is playing in the background gave me the feeling that I was watching the opening to Day of the Dead (1985).

Also the short has a good balance between comedy and horror… And it was totally meta at times, which was funny. 

For more info visit Two Matt’s Productions.