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Puppet Master II – Video Zone (VHS)

Full Moon Video Zone: In a short sit down interview with Charles Band, he discusses the feedback he has gotten from fans about past Video Zone featurettes and what upcoming films that are coming from Full Moon. Also director David Allen gives his thoughts on directing Puppet Master II.

Allen Productions Crew with Chris Endicott, Yancy Galzada and John Teska. Here you’ll see how the puppets work with different technics they have for making the puppets come to life. In the same interview with the Productions Crew, John Teska shows you the many versions of the Torch character and what they all do in the film. Steve Welles in an interview talks about acting while wearing a mask in the film. In another sit down interview but this time it’s with actor Collin Bernsen he gives you a run down of what happens in the film and talks about maybe a Puppet Master 3. 

Now to another interview with Charles Band here he does talk about maybe making a Puppet Master 3, 4 and 5. 

An on set interview Elizabeth Maclellan she gives her thoughts on working with puppets and how strange it is. Actors Jeff Weston, Nita Talbot, Gregory Webb and Charlie Spradling talk about their death scenes in the film and how they died from the hands of he puppets. 

Behind the scenes: There are 2 mini making of’s one has to do with a fire stunt with Torch setting a stunt women on fire. The other is how they got actors to play the manikins in the ending scenes of the film. Full Moon Spotlight with director Stuart Gordon. Gordon talks about his upcoming film The Pit & the Pendulum. After that you have Trailers for other Full Moon films. 

Last up is Collectors Items: Here you’ll find out about the Full Moon fan club and how you can join or buy Full Moon T-shirts, posters and or comic books.

Earth Day: A Zombie Apocalypse

  A look at the DVD extras for Earth Day: A Zombie Apocalypse

Outtakes… Should I say more? Okay, Mike Patterson is a comic genius.

Mr. Body – This is one of my favorite short films. It’s about helping out your best friend when he really needs you the most.
Slide Show – In this slide show you’ll see poster concept art, production, and behind the scenes images.
Audio Commentary with Director Michael Carlson, Writer Mike Patterson, and Art/Makeup Director Alethea Penleric – Sometimes short film commentaries aren’t that good when said director or writer is rushing through before the short is over, but that’s not the case here. There’s a good balance between Mike, Michael, and Alethea… In the commentary you’ll hear about the original script and how it got cut down for being too long. And the set backs from losing all the footage, meaning the whole film. That’s just some tidbits you’ll hear about.

A few thoughts, if you will. I enjoyed the short. The opening scenes where it cuts to different images while the eerie music is playing in the background gave me the feeling that I was watching the opening to Day of the Dead (1985).

Also the short has a good balance between comedy and horror… And it was totally meta at times, which was funny. 

For more info visit Two Matt’s Productions.

WNUF Halloween Special

  I first heard about this film back in 2013 when it won Best Feature at the Drunken Zombie Film Festival and on that recommendation I knew I had to see this movie and I finally did… 

It brought me back to that time period in the late 80s and early 90s when Halloween Specials were top notch with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark showing double features and even your locale newscasters dressed for the occasion. WNUF Halloween Special captured all that and the movie itself was fantastic. I loved the look of it, having that VHS grain drew me in even more. All the commercials and cheesy jokes.

As for special features, the DVD is packed. Starting with a director’s commentary with Chris LaMartina who’s going a million miles a second trying to get all kinds of information out and does a good job explaining how he and his buddies wrote and filmed many of the commercials and had to call in favorers to get specific footage.

If you enjoyed all the commercials, well you’re in luck because you have seven minutes of unused or commercials that were fast forward through in their entirety.

Aging WNUF, here you will see side by side compression of what the original footage and footage that was passed through a VCR three times to give the finished film that grainy look.

Rewinding the Fast Forward, in the film a lot of news footage was fast forwarded over, but you can see those scenes in this seven minute compilation.

Meadowlands Showcase… Two short thirty minute movies with Creepy Tales and The Halloween Takeover.

Rounding out the extras are Bloopers and Outtakes, WNUF Trailer, and Trailer Vault for then up coming DVD and VHS releases.

Overall, I can see WNUF Halloween Special making it into my viewing rotation each year for Halloween. I enjoyed all the extras. And highly recommend this movie.

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (UK Release)


I first heard about this film back in 2008 and after reading a handful of positive reviews I had to see it. Since that time it was a hard film too see, but I did manage to perches the UK Blu-Ray and here’s what you have when talking about the extras.

UK Theatrical Trailer.

Interview with Amber Heard. In a sit down interview Amber Heard talks about her experience getting the Mandy Lane role and what steps she took to make her character work and be different from any other blonde gal in movies today. That’s just a taste of what you will hear in this twenty eight minute interview.

Overall: It’s a buy and it was worth the wait to see this film.