Episode 51: “Eat S**t & Live!”- A Sleepaway Camp Retrospective

ep51Krueger Nation is BACK with a look at the Sleepaway Camp series, as well as a tribute to Dave Brockie of GWAR/DBX/X-Cops. ALSO, Mike Cadaver stops in to review the tag-team anthology from Tobe Hooper & John Carpenter, Body Bags. This is a big episode, jam-packed with explicit horror talk &  ROCK AND ROLL!!! Enjoy :)


Episode 50: Kruegy & Friends Extravaganza!!!

Episode 50This episode 50 extravaganza is jam-packed with all sorts of awesomeness!! Mike Cadaver reviews Oldboy (2013), Xander Kane reviews Morgana (2012), Lady Deathrattle reviews Voices From Beyond (1991), & the guys at Horrorcopia review American Mary (2013). Other surprises are scattered throughout the episode, & I review the fun-ass horror/comedy flicks Slaughter High & Cutting Class. Also, Look What You Did: 1313: No More Wrong Turns!!!


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Episode 49: You Can’t Kill An Evil Clown, Without Breaking A Few Eggs

Stitches_2012_movie_posterFor this episode, Ian & James from the I Hate Your Face Podcast come in from the Arctic Tundra to join me for a review of the 2012 killer clown horror-comedy, Stitches. Also, Look What You Did: F-February!!

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Episode 48: Eat A Bowl Of F**k (Night of the Demons Retrospective)

NOTDKNWARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE….(LIKE, THE MOST VULGAR TALK YET ON KRUEGER NATION) For this episode, I wanted to tackle the Night of the Demons flicks once again! I love them! Maybe a little TOO much….Nah, they’re the best! Listen to me jabber away about the 4 entries in this awesome series, & even throw in a little tribute to Kevin Tenney at the end. Also, Look What You Did: Phantasmagoria, The Phantom. Enjoy :)


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Episode 47: Flippin’ Over Cars & F**kin’ With The Devil (An Interview With THE BAD)

the badBlood On The Highway, Slaughterlily, Narcissism & Me, and now…..THE BAD! For this extremely awesome episode of Krueger Nation, I was able to talk with The Bad creators, Chris Gardner & Blair Rowan. The Bad is a serialized comedic web-series following the futile pursuits of the world’s most unsuccessful garage band, a trio of painfully oblivious dudes in their early 30s, and the typical hurdles any rock band has to overcome while fighting their way through obscurity, such as their terrifying, knife-wielding, junkie drummer, and the neighborhood teenagers that won’t stop spray painting dicks on their house. CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE SERIES FOR FREE, HERE:  http://www.thebadseries.com


Where Is Alice Johnson? Part 3


Well, I just realized that I’ve been working backwards when it comes to appearances for Alice… Think of it as, we are going back to the future!

Now what is left for her character, is there any more source material? I’m glad to say there is and I’m not talking about fan fic, but there are some really good fan fic stories out there, but that’s a subject for another time. In 1991-92 a six part mini series called Nightmares on Elm Street was being released monthly that saw Freddy returning and it is up to Nancy, Alice and Dr. Gordon to stop him before Elm Street becomes a blood bath.

Okay, Let me say I haven’t red this series… I know, I know. How could a fan like myself not read about the one character he likes the most? Easy, I haven’t found a legit copy. Sure I’ve seen bootleg copies, screen shots and even a website that has the whole series and all you gotta do is it hit download, but I want the real thing. Over the years I seen the series on eBay go for a pretty penny. I’ll hold off until then, but I do know what the story is about, give me that. But since I can’t speak on them… Maybe one of you can ask Krueger Nation’s own host what he thinks about them, I know he has a few copies lying around his boiler room.

Lastly we have the novelization for The Dream Master and Dream Child. Both stories are collected in one book. The stories pretty much reads as the movie plays, but there are some differences. Like in the Dream Master, the book has Rick’s original death and not the Kung Fu fighting scene like in the film. Same goes for the Dream Child, the books ending is a bit different. Also included in this book are black and white stills from the Dream Master.

There you have it, everything you need to know about one of the coolest characters from the Elm Street franchise. I hope you all enjoyed what I had to say and if you have any recommendations or if I missed anything about Alice Johnson post in the comments below.

Also I would like to think Johnny Krueg for bringing me back for another round of nightmare fun. Until next time, you can find my work at DrunkenZombie.com and Doiner.com or read my ramblings by following @AdorableDoiner on Twitter. Massive!

Where Is Alice Johnson? Part 2

Attachment 1By: Derrick “Doiner” Reed

Welcome back, I hope everyone enjoyed part one of Where is Alice Johnson? Now let’s go back in time before Alice joined the Nightmare Warriors she made an appearance in 1991 in the short story Dead Highway, Lost Roads. That story is part of Nightmares on Elm Street: Freddy Krueger’s Seven Sweetest Dreams.

The story takes place seven years after part five (The Dream Child), Alice is married to a guy named Steven, but there is not much on him. He is a businessman of some kind that makes a good amount of money. Alice’s father is alive, but in and out of rehab for drinking and let’s not forget her son Jacob he is present in the story, but only in the dream world.

The story revolves around serial killer Karl Stolenberg who’s on death row and while being transferred to another jail where the electric chair waits him, a detour takes him off the beaten path where he meets the one person who can set him free.

The overall story is about a B+ at best. Alice and Jacob have small roles in the story, but nothing like she was in Nightmare Warriors. As for Jacob, he’s still a kid so there’s not really any character development… If you want to know what’s Freddy is up to in this story, go buy the book, I’m not spoiling nothing.

Dead Highway, Lost Roads is written by Philip Nutman.

Also, if you are looking to purchase this book start with Amazon they usually have it for dirt cheep, but it’s worth a read.

To Be Continued…

Where Is Alice Johnson? Part 1




By: Derrick “Doiner” Reed

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Massive One is back! And it’s time once again to talk about The Dream Master, well mostly the character of Alice Johnson and her events after The Dream Child.

The most notable appearance for Alice came in 2009 with the comic Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: The Nightmare Warriors… I liked the concept, having characters that faced Freddy or Jason in the past to team up as a group and take down the forces of evil.

My biggest concern was how are they going to use the Alice character and how the writers were going to integrate her into the story.

The way she was introduced was great, it gave me that feeling of watching The Dream Master once I saw her and her son in a movie theater. It was a great throwback too.

The setup for Jacob (Alice’s son) to stay behind with Stephanie and have her try to seduce him… After reading the dialog I was taken out of the story by certain lines she said because I see Jacob as a strong character, like a John Connor and he wouldn’t fall for that nonsense because he would be aware of what was going on even though it was a dream. Having Alice give her dream powers to her son and the way she died was a good ending to her character.

With Jacob now having the dream powers and bringing back the dream warriors thanks to Kristen and then Alice it was cool to see an X-Men style team up with everyone taking on Freddy and the deadites. Once Jacob got sliced by Freddy I didn’t want him to die and finding out he didn’t it was Awesome, because you never know there might be a part four in this series and I would like to see him come back.

Overall, it’s a worth your time to sit down and read this comic not just for Alice, but the many surprises throughout the book.

To Be Continued…

Episode 46: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream…But, Mostly You!

Episode 46AHHHHH!!! I’ve returned to review the 80′s slasher flicks, Silent Scream & Death Screams (aka House Of Death). Also, Look What You Did: That’s NOT Horror!! Enjoy :)


Episode 45: A Body You’d Kill For

Episode 45An episode of pure spandex terror! Fitting right in with my New Year’s resolution, I’m back talking about Killer Workout (aka Aerobicide) & Death Spa. Also, Look What You Did: The Found Footage Faux Pas. Enjoy :)